Charcol & Konjac Cleansing Puff by The Face Shop

fotor_147645355165644I have tried a Konjac cleaning sponge before in the past, but never from this company. Then I got on to the bandwagon of the whole facial cleansing systems and completely forgot about this all together. I received this in my Glambox and I honestly don’t know how my face survived befor I found these sponges. The cleansing puff are soft, yet abrasive enough to truly deep clean. The face Shop konjac cleansing puff is not so abrasive that you can’t use them multiple times a day. I use mine each morning and night, and while I wont lie and say that my face has completely changed, and I have a glow as if I have been eating healthy for a million years. I will say that my skin feels truly clean.

I never use it to take off makeup, so I cannot attest to its ability in that specific area; but for everyday face washing, I’ll never go back to using a  cleansing system. This particular one came moist, which was awesome!! No weird smell, super clean, no evidence of any type of mold growth. I boil mine with a few drops of tea tree oil to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and other than that I don’t really have to do much to clean it other than thoroughly rinse out the soap after I was my face.

The face shop is a company that I’ve never tried anything before but they have several outlets in the middle east . The Glam Box of sept featured several products from the face shop. Im excited to try out other stuff form the same company.


My most loved Sleek Makeup Products

Lately Ive been posting all about whats new in the makeup world. But something struck me when I was cleaning my draw out and found my sleek Makeup products. These two makeup items Im going to talk today about are probably one of the most used items in my makeup draw and Ive never talked about them. Today Im doing a small review on the Sleek Blush in RoseGold the shade – and eye shadow palette in  storm 578.


I totally recommend sleek palettes all the time for people who are initially getting makeup. They are good quality and very affordable . Goes the same for all the sleek products . This particular sleek palette has 9 shimmer eye shadows and 3 matte.The sleek palette in storm 578 can be described as a earthy warm tone eye shadows.


I love to play with neutral earthy tones. The best thing about neutral shadow is that you can really go to town without overdoing it. At the same time you can use those beautiful metallic eye shadows to glam up your look.


The sleek blush in Rose gold is my favorite of all time. I once saw a you tuber using it in a tutorial hence I needed this in my life. Sleek blushes are highly pigmented. I used this blush soo many times yet still it looks brand new . I have convinced myself I will probably never hit pan on this blush.


This particular sleek blush is more appropriate for evening look as it does have a good amount of shine and shimmer.Rose gold does tend to look more good on tan to darker skin tones, but I would consider myself a medium fair and I love it .

Neither to say I absolutely love these two products and are my holy grail products.


Face the day with fresh skin from Urban Veda

Starting the day with well cleansed skin is not only beneficial in maintaining healthy and hydrated skin but can also boost your mood. Urban Veda has the perfect range of facial washes to cater for every skin type with nothing but natural, gorgeous ingredients to bring out the very best in your skin. Intrigued? Let us tell you more!

Purifying Face Wash- AED 85


When it comes to a natural antibacterial agent, Neem is the perfect choice in the fight against blackheads and pimples. The cold-pressed Neem works with natural botanicals to reduce shine and minimise pores, leaving you with clearer skin.

Daily Radiance Face Wash- AED 85


Using bioactive Tumeric extract, the Daily Radiance Face Wash targets the removal of urban environmental pollutants while brightening skin tone. Superfruit extracts help counteract damage caused by free radicals while supporting healthy cell renewal, leaving the skin soft, supple and hydrated.

Soothing Daily Face Wash- AED 85


The Soothing Daily Face Wash gently removes dirt and grime while rebalancing dry and oily patches of skin. Flower, herb and spice essential oils enhance vitality and will leave the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Reviving Face Wash- AED 85


Formulated using hydrating flower waters and organic and collagen boosting extracts, this gorgeous night cream is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Omega-rich bio-oils help relax and improve the appearance of fine lines and restore the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

The full Urban Veda range is also available in Holland and Barrett outlets, Spinney’s, Waitrose, Lulu Al Barsha, and Bio Organic across the UAE. Prices start from AED 75.

For more information on the Urban Veda range and to find out your dosha, visit and follow us on Instagram @urbanveda

Reinvent bath time with The Konjac Loofah Sponge


It is no secret that the benefits of the Konjac plant are vast when it comes to health and beauty with this wonder plant quickly gaining an impressive following. The Konjac Sponge Company have celebrated its uses to create bio-degradable sponges that work wonders in gently exfoliating the skin to reveal radiant complexions. Being naturally alkaline, Konjac is PH balanced which leaves the skin balanced, and now The Konjac Sponge Company has joined forces with the loofah plant to come up with a konjac/loofah hybrid that is set to reinvent bath time.

The Loofah Sponge delivers deeper cleansing and exfoliation, working to exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin silky smooth and glowing. It also has a bamboo charcoal ingredient added to it which helps to eliminate any odours, is naturally antibacterial and oil absorbing.

What’s more the loofah sponge can be used for up to several months- simply rinse after each use and allow to dry naturally. Konjac sponges are free from chemicals and irritants and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. The Konjac Loofah Sponge retails for AED 110.

The Konjac Sponge Company is available in Wojooh stores in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, Sahara Centre in Sharjah and Marina Mall, Khalidiya Mall, and Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Ras al Khaimah residents can pick up their Konjac sponge in Naeem Mall. The Konjac Sponge Company is also stocked in Holland and Barrett, The Organic Café, House of Fraser and, and Prices start from Dhs75. Visit and follow us on @konjacspongecompany to find out more.

Huda beauty Liquid matte review – gossip gurl, venus 



The huda beauty liquid matte are probably the most hyped product of 2016. They are still very much impossible to find but let’s just say I got my hands on two shades – gossip gurl and venus. I’m going to review them for you and let you decide whether it’s worth the hype or not.

The huda beauty liquid matte are highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick that dries matte with intense color pay-off and transfer-proof properties.This product is cruelty-free and free of gluten.

 Please note: the color’s appearance may vary based on skintone once set.

The huda beauty liquid matte in venus is best described as a muted brown, a very close dupe to Mac cosmetics matte lipstick in velvet teddy.  

It will suite most skin tones and pared with a smokey eye you can achieve the classic 70s makeup look . It’s also a perfect daily lip colour that would go with any look.

The huda beauty liquid matte in gossip gurl is a soft rose Pink with hues if brown warmth . It is a feminine lip colour can be described as my lips but better .Perfect for the girl next door look . You can pair gossip gurl with a neutral warm eye . Again this colour is very universal and would suite most skin tones and colours.

The huda beauty liquid matte go on very smoothly on your lips. The applicator makes is very easy to glide the product over your lip and give an even application.  These babies are so pigment that they can be worn alone without a lip liner . The liquid matte shaded that I have tried are not streaky at all and have good opacity.
When you initially apply the liquid lipstick on your lips it feels very light weight and wet . After a good 15 sec they start to set . So you do have some time to play around with the product .Once they go matte it like they are set in stone . The liquid matte doesn’t form crusty bits on the inner part of your lip , no budging, no smudging and no peeling at all. They last all day. I didnot expect the much longevity from a product of this price range. They also dry true to colour and do not go dark or light when compared to other liquid matte lipsticks. The huda beauty liquid matte feel very comfortable on your lip, they don’t dry it out.

The packaging of the liquid matte is sleek and stylish .They retail for 27$ on  the website  – here.



Turn back time with Herbal Essentials


Between busy lifestyles, pollution and sun damage, our skin goes through a lot and for many pesky lines and wrinkles can leave you feeling less than your best. Luckily help is at hand thanks to the experts at Herbal Essentials and their natural anti-ageing products.

Treat yourself to a little dose of luxury with the Grape Seed & Shea Butter AHA Cream Night Formula(300 AED) which is infused with rich Shea Butter which is known for being deeply nourishing. It also contains Fruit Enzymes which will gently work while you sleep to aid exfoliation, leaving younger looking skin. Tired looking eyes? The Aloe Vera & Honey Under Eye Gel Hydrating (155 AED) is packed with Aloe Vera Juice to rehydrate which helps smooth the appearance of lines while honey, which is known for its healing properties, gets to work on repairing damage, leaving the skin around those tired eyes looking smooth and supple.

Herbal Essentials rich and luxurious Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil Defense Cream (AED 395) is formulated with a unique blend of natural oils, including Wheat Germ Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E, also renowned for its high nutrient content. Its superior moisturising and soothing ingredients are widely acclaimed for their role in achieving beautifully conditioned skin, making it a perfect choice for your daily skin regimen.

Herbal Essentials alcohol-free Neem & Brahmi Face Wash (AED 109) contains dry leaf extracts of Neem (Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract) and Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera extract), which is popular in Ayurvedic preparations for their widely acknowledged antiseptic properties. Daily use will leave you skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Award winning UAE beauty brand Herbal Essentials offers a range of skincare products that use pure Himalayan spring water, untouched and unprocessed by man, which take 20 years to pass through natural layers of rock, sand and clay. Shipped to Europe directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, this revitalising water, enriched in calcium, magnesium and potassium lends itself to helping create natural products for the face and body – ancient beauty wisdom with pure Himalayan Spring Water blended to the highest standards in Europe.

All products in the range are all-natural, paraffin and paraben free. Herbal Essentials is a certified member of  “Beauty Without Bunnies” Programme, meaning products are not tested on animals. Herbal Essentials products are all certified by Dermatest GmbH, a leading German dermatologist research institute who have approved the products as “dermatologist tested/approved”

To find out more about Herbal Essentials' all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit

Get the tresses of your dreams with Human+Kind’s hair care heroes


** Award winning all-natural skincare brand are set to reinvent how you wash and care for your hair **
The gorgeously natural Irish brand, Human+Kind, are on a mission to give you red carpet worthy hair without the use of any nasty chemicals or parabens. Their shampoo and conditioner range can be tailored to suit your specific haircare needs using natural ingredients. Intrigued? Allow us to tell you more!

Shampoo and Bodywash- Dry (AED 49)
This shampoo is perfect for those who feel that their hair is lacking lustre and feels dry and dull. Infused with Sweet Orange Oil, the Shampoo and Bodywash for Dry hair gently cleans and soothes dry scalps and nourishes the hair follicles. It also contains sunflower oil to inject moisture and leave hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Conditioner- Dry (AED 49)
The perfect solution to hair that needs a dose of TLC after shampooing, the Dry Conditioner contains Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil to add moisture to distressed tresses. Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Lupine Seed extract will also add an abundance of shine and volume.

Shampoo and Bodywash- All Hair Types (AED 49)
Combining yummy grapefruit to cleanse the scalp and leave it feeling invigorated, this 2-in- 1 product goes the extra mile with Hops extract for its softening properties. Using it as a bodywash also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and tingling.

Conditioner- All Hair Types (AED 49)
This conditioner contains extracts of Oryza Saliva (Rice Bran/Germ Oil) and Humulus Lupulus (Hops) to promote healthy hair and add softness without weighing it down. For the ultimate silky, smooth locks leave the product on for two minutes before rinsing off.

Shampoo and Bodywash- Sensitive (49 AED)
This gentle formula with Calendula extract soothes and comforts sensitive skin and scalp while leaving skin and hair gently cleansed and healthy. It contains Aloe Vera and Marshmallow Root extract to help detangle hair and add shine.

Conditioner- Sensitive (49 AED)
Formulated using kind ingredients this 2-in- 1 conditioner helps to soothe sensitive scalps and helps to nourish and add shine to the hair.

Human + Kind products are available in Spinneys, Waitrose, Boots the Pharmacy, United Pharmacies,Organic Foods & Café, The Change Initiative, and Down To Earth, as well as online through learn more about the story of the Human+Kind brand, log on to

Soothe stressed skin with Urban Veda

Between the hot climate, busy lifestyles and daily stress, your skin puts up with a lot and may struggle to stay hydrated and healthy. Help is at hand from Ayurvedic beauty brand, Urban Veda, and the Soothing range which promises to use botanical formulas to replace what nature takes from your skin. The soothing range is perfect for those who have a Pitta Dosha which displays signs of hot, inflamed skin.

Soothing Day Cream- AED 135

A good day cream is one of the best investments that you can make for your skin and this natural botanical infusion doesn’t disappoint. It calms down any redness, rehydrates dry patches and calms down the appearance of fine lines.

Soothing Clarifying Night Cream- AED 135

Plump, renew and repair over night with the Soothing Clarifying Night Cream which uses key essential oils and harmonising flower extracts to fight against pesky lines and wrinkles as you sleep. The gorgeous scent is also known to calm mental fatigue.

Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish- AED 95

Say hello to skin with a new lease of life as the Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish gently removes debris and dead skin cells, revealing a radiant complexion. This uplifting and clarifying scrub helps to balance elemental damage while keeping skin healthy.

Soothing Hydrating Toner- AED 95
Alcohol free and PH balanced, this gentle but effective toner will get to work on removing grease while also calming flushed skin. This toner is perfect for those who suffer from both oily and dry patches.

Soothing Daily Facial Wash- AED 85

We couldn’t think of a better way to start our day than with this gorgeously invigorating facial wash that tackles daily dirt and grime, leaving your soft, supple and moisturised. The mixture of flower, herb and spice essential oils enhance vitality giving a glow to your complexion.

Soothing Body Scrub- AED 85

It’s not just your face that benefits from a good exfoliation, your body needs to equally be looked after. Scrubbing away dead skin cells can improve uneven skin tone and help in the battle against cellulite. Getting into the habit of making a body exfoliation once a week will help maintain soft and smooth skin.

Soothing Body Wash- AED 75


The aromatic scent of Sandalwood not only smells divine, it works wonders on easing stress and fatigue. Vitamins and anti-oxidant rich ingredients moisturise the skin while keeping the skin’s natural moisture barrier at a healthy level.

Soothing Body Lotion- AED 95

Post exfoliation it is important to moisturise well and this lotion works wonders in soothing, softening and smoothing skin. Key essential oils work on improving skin tone and boosting circulation while the fragrant botanicals are guaranteed to beat calm and balance the senses.The full Urban Veda range is also available in Holland and Barrett outlets, Spinney’s, Waitrose, Lulu Al Barsha, and Bio Organic (Dubai branch). Prices start from AED 75.

For more information on the Urban Veda range and to find out your dosha, visit, and follow us on Instagram @urbanveda

New Launch Alert from Zoella!


Introducing Sticker Me!, Wink Wink and Lace Collar Purse, the New Beauty Bags By Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty expands its range in the region with a new collection of cosmetic bags. These adorable and handy makeup bags are ideal for storing your cosmetics stylishly at home or on the go. Perfect for keeping all of your little treasures safe, these beauty bags feature three new designs, a Lace Collar Purse, Wink Wink Bag and Sticker Me Bag.

Lace Collar Purse
In true Zoe style, this adorable makeup bag features a cute embroidered collared design and is guaranteed to look as stylish as you are.

Sticker Me! Beauty Bag Make your mark with this one as it’s all about customisation by styling it with cute and quirky stickers.

Note: For a super neat finish, place the stickers on the flat surfaces of the bag, avoiding corners or edges and for best results, it’s best not to remove or reposition your stickers once they’re stuck down.

Wink Wink Beauty Bag
This bag is super colourful, cute and eye catching. And as an additional nice touch you will receive a friendly wink from Zoe every time its tilted, making it truly stand out from the crowd.

Zoella Beauty Bags will be launching mid-September and are available from beautysolutions-, Virgin Megastore,, Lulu Beauty Department and are priced from AED 59- AED 89. For more information, please visit

Discover the secrets of Korean beauty with The Konjac Sponge Company

Konjac Cutout Natural Body Sponge-80AED

Those with their fingers on the beauty pulse will know that the biggest trend making waves on the circuit at the moment has to be the Korean beauty trend. From quirky sheet masks, to innovative cosmetics, Korean beauty has come in to its own but did you know that the heart of Korean beauty can be dated back more than 1,500 years with the Konjac plant? Intrigued? Let us tell you a little bit more about how this wonder plant can completely overhaul your beauty routine!

What is Konjac?
The Konjac Potato is a plant native to Asia and can be found growing at high altitudes.

It was first discovered in the Indochinese region and is highly prized for its health giving properties.

It is made up of 97% water and a food source packed full of minerals yet low in calories.

As it is naturally alkaline, Konjac is PH neutral which leaves the skin balanced.

Why use Konjac in the form of a sponge?
Konjac is free from chemicals, irritants, and 100% biodegradable.

They are kind enough to use on even the most sensitive skin.

This gorgeous, eco-friendly material is a great way to exfoliate without irritating the skin.

A spot of your favourite cleanser on a sponge will remove even waterproof makeup.

They can be rinsed and reused for up to several months, making them a cost effective way to care for your skin.

The Konjac Sponge Company is available in Wojooh stores in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, Sahara Centre in Sharjah and Marina Mall, Khalidiya Mall, and Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Ras al Khaimah residents can pick up their Konjac sponge in Naeem Mall. The Konjac Sponge Company is also stocked in Holland and Barrett, The Organic Café, House of Fraser and, and Prices start from Dhs75. Visit and follow us on @konjacspongecompany to find out more.