Filorga launches the NCTF-REVERSE Cellular Anti-Aging Range

Polyrevitalisation without needles and in a jar

Premium and innovative skincare brand Filorga launches the NCTF-REVERSE Cellular Anti-Aging Range in the UAE. After over three years of research, Filorga has performed a real feat of technological prowess by producing a range of anti-ageing skincare which, for the very first time, contains the equivalent of one vial of injectable NCTF®. This unique range, NCTF-REVERSE®, has 10 times the concentration of NCTF® more than other formulas by Filorga.

NCTF® which is an injectable polyrevitalisation solution that contains over 50 anti-ageing active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes and antioxidants has been the preferred treatment of aesthetic doctors ever since it was developed by Dr Tordjman, the founder of Laboratoires FILORGA in 1978. Since then it has become the signature of Filorga, it’s DNA.

The formulation of the revolutionary NCTF- REVERSE range marks 10 years of Filorga venturing into Medi-Cosmetique. With this unique blend, the NCTF- REVERSE promises to rejuvenate skin quality, including reduction of wrinkles, pores and an improvement in skin complexion, within less than 7 days.

The whole range comprises of a Regenerating Priming lotion to prepare the skin and a Serum, which helps in saturating the skin. It also has a day care range, which consists of a Regenerating Fluid for oily skin and Day Cream for dry skin.  To boost the effectiveness of this exceptional cellular anti-aging treatment, Filorga recommends combining these products for maximised performance.


Containing the equivalent of one vial of regenerating NCTF this intense and hydrating lotion has a fresh aqueous texture and is perfect for application right after make-up removal.  Formulated with anti-pollution polysaccharides, the lotion is also ideal for detoxifying your skin.


Formulated with plant DNA derived from wheat germ and anti-elastosis , this intensive facial serum works to provide firmness to your skin and boost the production of retinol, collagen and elastin, thereby significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The serum also contains natural Vitamin C to improve the radiance of your skin.


With a lightweight and fluid texture enriched with protoberberines and oleanolic acid, this product is perfect for mattifying oily skin and purifying the pores. It also works to improve the overall skin quality of your skin and reduce the several signs of aging including wrinkles and the Vitamin A contained in the product helps in providing a peeling effect to the skin.


Enriched with shea butter, the smooth and comfortable texture of this cream helps in repairing and restoring dry skin. While the Vitamin H helps in restructuring your skin, the Vitamin E and detoxifying polyphenols helps in increasing the radiance of your skin.

FILORGA uses patented CNRS encapsulation technology which allows the NCTF® to be absorbed into the dermis without the use of needles. The very high concentration of NCTF® makes the formulas slightly pink, as NCTF® itself is naturally a light pink colour.

NCTF-REVERSE® & NCTF-REVERSE MAT®, 50 ML, 450 AED NCTF-ESSENCE®, 150 ML, 260 AED / NCTF-INTENSIVE®, 30 ML, 450 AED will be available for purchase at Bin Sina , Boots , Supercare , Healthfirst pharmacies.


Introducing Mini Snails 6 Pack

Mini Snails Six PackAn adorable and safe gift set for your little ones from Snails

Snails, the 100% safe nail polish range that are made from just Water, Acrylic Polymer and non-toxic colorants, brings to you its Mini Pack that consists of 6 delightful and glossy nail polishes. Made lovingly with no harsh chemicals or polymers, the Mini Snails 6 Pack allows girls of all ages to explore their exciting and safe range of cosmetics.

This exquisitely designed gift pack has plush and vibrant colors in mini travel that are cute and small enough to carry around.  The various colors range from dreamy and light pink shades to bold fuchsia colors that are perfect for adding a pop of color to your little ones outfit.  With its savvy shades and washable formula, these nail lacquers are also quite popular amongst women who prefer to use no harmful chemicals while manicuring their nails.

Mini Snails 6 Pack nail is priced at AED 109 and are available in over 70 outlets in the UAE, namely; Hamleys Dubai Mall, Kids HQ in Barsha, Westin Habtoor City and Kiddyzone Stores in Abu Dhabi.

Flutter your way to fabulous and fuller false lashes with The Cure’s April Eye Lash Extension offer

** Pay AED 350 for an Eye Lash Extension and get the next one at a 50% Discount, throughout the month of April **

If you’re tired of clumping on mascara every morning and want a break from getting glue everywhere by trying to fix those fake lashes in place, it means it is time to get eyelash extensions. So whether you’re looking to add a bit of drama to your eyes or going for a more natural look, The Cure will sort you out with their latest lash extensions offer.

At The Cure, the certified technicians are committed to providing you with a safe, personalised and enjoyable experience without costing you a fortune. By using only the right techniques and products such as formaldehyde-free eyelash adhesives, the treatment ensures that no harm is done to your natural lashes or your eyes. Throughout the month of April, The Cure will be offering extensions at AED 350 with 50% discount on your second treatment, throughout the month.

For further information call The Cure Media City (Building 10, BBC World) +971 4 391 6485 or The Cure Green Community on +971 4 8830818 or visit  You can also keep up-to-date with the news news from The Cure on Instagram (@TheCureDubai) and Facebook (

Game-Changing vials to combat thinning hair

Crescina Re-growth HFSC 100%: The ultimate solution for naturally producing new hair. 


Hair is an asset that characterises every human being, but regardless of the lengths we all strive for luscious, thick locks.

Our scalp sheds between 50-100 hairs on daily basis. This pattern does not cause baldness or affect density as new hairs are growing simultaneously. However, there are many factors that can disrupt this cycle, causing damage to the follicle and replacing it with scar tissues. Medical conditions such as: scalp infection, menopause, hormonal changes, childbirth, thyroid or even heredity can all contribute to miniaturization of hair or baldness. Other factors include: extreme climate changes, unfiltered water, excessive hair styling and emotional stress.

Chances are you have tried everything from salon products to home remedies to fight against hair loss, but it’s now a problem of the past with Crecina’s re-growth HFSC 100% vials. It contains potent active ingredients, like Cysteine, Lysine and Glycoprotein that aid in producing new follicles and promote healthy hair.

A test was performed using Crescina vials on males with different grades of thinning ranging from light to severe cases, subjects reported significant results in hair re-growth after using the product for 4 months.

The product is for topical use and comes in various dosages depending on the degree of thinning:

  • Dosage 200: For light grades or initial thinning.
  • Dosage 500:  For medium grades, incipient balding and advanced incipient balding.
  • Dosage 1300: For high grades, advanced frontal baldness and severe baldness.

Moreover, Crescina prevents ageing of follicles, stimulates cell longevity and the physiological growth of hair. The Swiss patent formula is FDA approved and sold only through selected pharmacies.

Crescina is available at leading pharmacies across the UAE, including Bin Sina from AED 790. For more information please visit:

From Aesthetic Medicine to Transdermic Technology: Introducing new skincare brand Labo Transdermic


Labo Crosprophar Suisse, a renowned Swiss brand offering research based cosmetic products, is bringing to the UAE their new and innovative skincare range, Labo Transdermic. The range is equipped to provide effective solutions to various problems associated with aging skin.

The new Transdermic Technology that lies behind the products of the Labo Transdermic range, acts as an effective alternative to skin-tightening and Botox injections performed in aesthetic medicine. Formulated with 8 hyaluronic acids and other functional active substances, the very low molecular weight provides the skincare range with the capability to enter deep into the skin. The product’s ability to penetrate the dermis and actively combat the symptoms of aging skin and wrinkles without invasion makes it a world first in the dermo-cosmetic field based on the Transdermic Technology.

Labo Transdermic is set to consist of five ranges of products fundamental to tackling dermal problems associated with maturing skin, including aging, wrinkling, hypersensitivity, dullness and dehydration, each of which will have four preparation of products. In addition to this, two other ranges have been curated specifically for total eye-care and daily facial cleansing purposes. The range also consists of two stand alone products, one being the Sunscreen Fluid Base SPF 50+, that can be used by itself or mixed with the Labo Transdermic cream to create a highly effective day cream, and the other being the 5 Actions Ultra Serum, which is a wise blend of active molecules that helps you to achieve a total-action transdermic treatment.

Labo Transdermic will be available for purchase from leading pharmacies across the UAE including Bin Sina Pharmacy. For more information, please visit

Unmask your beauty with Grown Alchemist’s Organic Face Masks

Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up or just want your skin to look its very best everyday, face masks are an effective and easy way to pamper your skin without having to spend a ton of money at a spa. Power packed with gentle and organic ingredients, the Grown Alchemist’s Age-Repair Gel Masque and Deep Cleansing Masque have been formulated to tackle various skin issues and restore radiance and hydration.

Age-Repair Gel Masque: Pomegranate & Amino Protein Complex (AED 395)

A lightweight gel masque that is capable of combating all signs of aging and nurturing facial skin. Formulated with gentle cooling actives, this masque is perfect for restoring hydration and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Other active ingredients such as the polysaccharide complex, helps to noticeably increase collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines. While Hyaluronic Acid helps in enhancing cell renewal, the pomegranate extracts that are rich in polyphenols works to noticeably firm and smoothen facial skin, which is damaged by oxidative stress.

Apply a generous amount to clean facial skin including the eye contour area and then allow the active ingredients to absorb into the skin for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Deep Cleansing Masque: Wheatgerm, Ginkgo & Cranberry (AED 175)

Made for drawing out toxins and impurities from your skin, this masque also works well to leave your skin looking visibly revitalised and feeling smooth. Formulated with essential Fatty Acids and Wheatgerm, which is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, the mask also helps in reducing pore size and restoring facial skin elasticity, tone and firmness. The superfine white clay, contained in the product, not only helps in drawing out deep impurities but also in detoxifying and removing excess sebum build up.

Apply a generous amount with soft circular motions that help the product to penetrate into the pores. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

All Grown Alchemist products are now available for purchase at Harvey Nichols Dubai, Bloomingdales, and For more information, please visit

Love the skin you’re in with Konjac’s Heart Shaped Sponge

Scrubbing your face with chemical based exfoliants can often leave your skin feeling extra dry, so this Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself or your loved ones to an organic alternative such as the French Pink Clay Heart Sponge from Konjac Sponge Co. Made from 100% natural vegetable fibre, this cute heart shaped face sponge is perfect for providing some much needed tender loving care to dry or devitalized skin.

Ideal for daily exfoliation, the French Pink Clay Heart Sponge is gentle enough to ensure that your skin is not stripped of its essential natural oils while removing dead skin. Perfect for use after sun exposure or other temperature fluctuations, the Konjac fibers are able to balance the acidity of the skin’s impurities and oils and the pink clay infused in the sponge helps to soothe dry or irritated skin. The sponge’s silky soft texture when wet, makes it ideal for cleansing and exfoliating even the delicate eye area. Also capable of deeply cleansing and refining the pores, the gentleness of the sponge however does not prevent it from removing impurities, including water-based makeup, thereby making it a seamless way to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a radiant glow.

The Konjac Sponge Co. Facial sponges are available at Harvey Nichols Dubai, House of Fraser, Spinneys, Waitrose, Ripe Store, Woojoh stores, Organic Café stores and online at Prices start from AED 60. Visit and follow us on @konjacspongecompany to find out more.

Indulge in natural and reviving body care rituals with Urban Veda

This Valentine’s Day, why waste your money on roses or chocolates when you can treat your loved ones with the gift of beautiful and revived skin. Made with omega-rich bio-oils and organic extracts, Urban Veda’s Reviving range of body care products are not only capable of revitalising dull and dehydrated skin but also helps with reducing cellulite and boosting collagen production.

The reviving body care collection comprises of Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Scrub.

Reviving Body Wash (AED 75)

Enriched with skin conditioning plant extracts, this luxuriously creamy body wash is capable of cleansing your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. The pure bio-oils and regenerative essential oils contained in the product also help to retain the moisture while organic extracts and flower waters help to restore suppleness, ease imbalances and promote skin repair.

Reviving Body Scrub (AED 85)

Packed with gentle complexion-enhancing organic extracts and flower waters, this body scrub supports healthy cell turnover with natural milled seed particles. The omega-rich bio-oils contained in the product also help to pamper and preserve your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Reviving Body Lotion (AED 95)

Enhanced with Ayurvedic oils, this body lotion helps to preserve and improve your skin’s hydration. While the omega-rich bio-oils and organic extracts contained in the product combine with collagen-boosting botanicals and aromatic essential oils to preserve and improve hydration, the nutrient-rich flower waters help to replenish and revive soulless skin.

The full Urban Veda range is available at Ripe Store, Spinney’s, Waitrose, Lulu Al Barsha, Bio Organic across the UAE and online at

For more information on the Urban Veda range and to find out your dosha, visit  and follow us on Instagram @urbanveda

New Skincare Boosting Shots from Nip+Fab


Indulge in Nip+Fab’s latest range of boosting shots that are guaranteed to add a little bit of oomph to your skincare routine. These small but mighty shots are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are capable of protecting and nourishing your skin.

The range consists of Glycolic Fix Radiance, Bee Sting Fix Repairing, Viper Venom Fix Blurring Kale Fix Protecting and Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic shots, all of which are targeted for specific skincare needs.

Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot (AED 169)


Treat your skin to a high dose of radiance with this concentrate of luminosity. The glycolic acid contained in the product helps in retexturing and resurfacing the skin to reveal a more smoother, softer and radiant skin, while the amino acid derivatives reduces the appearance of pigmentation and stimulated skin cell renewal. With a beautiful pearlescent blue tint, when applied to the skin this concentrate turns to golden luminosity.

Bee Sting Fix Repairing (AED 169)


Ideal for use for those with damaged, dry skin, this shot contains a replenishing mix of bee venom, royal jelly and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, condition and plump the appearance of skin for ultimate skin rejuvenation. Simply apply a few drops to the skin or mix in with a serum or moisturiser to give it an extra boost.

Viper Venom Fix Blurring (AED 169)


This highly potent blurring gel expertly hides pores and smooths out lines, creating the appearance of a retouched finish. Formulated with skin tightening complex, Syn-ake and soft focus powders, this shot is capable providing an immediate lifting and mattifying effect on your skin. Just two drops help in achieving a flawless and silky-smooth skin.

Kale Fix Protecting Shot (AED 169)


Perfect for shielding your skin against harmful atmospheric pollution which causes dry and dull looking skin, this Kale Fix Protecting Shot will instantly reinforce skin with a cocktail of vitamins B5, C and E, for a more healthy looking glow. Just two drops of this comforting oil provides deep nourishment and boosted defence.

Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot (AED 169)


This intense moisture concentrate works to deeply hydrate thirsty and dry skin for a moisture locked and plumper finish. The Dragon’s Blood from Croton Lechleri tree, which is combined with an unbeatable 50% Hyaluronic Solution, works to protect and heal the skin from all outside aggressions.

NIP+FAB products are available for purchase from Spinney’s, Waitrose,, Basharacare and Beauty Solutions. For more information, please visit

Learn to love the hair you have with SACHAJUAN


All year long we tend to subject our hair to some intense stress through colour treatments and heat styling, so this Valentine’s Day why not provide your tresses with some much needed tender loving care that it truly deserves. With Sachajuan’s range of hair care treatment products, make sure your precious locks are well-maintained, nourished and healthy looking.

Intensive Repair Shampoo (AED 145) & Conditioner (AED 150)


Great for dry, porous or sun damaged locks, this hair care duo, which is formulated with Ocean Silk Technology and UV Protection, penetrates the hair follicle to stay put and provide maximum protection, even after washing.

Scalp Treatment (AED 260)


An intensive treatment, which is formulated with Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole, this treatment helps in removing dry dandruff and soothing irritated scalp. The Rosemary oil, menthol, salicylic acid and ginger extracts helps in soothing irritation, reducing redness and maintain the healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp.

Over Night Hair Repair (AED 330)


With its Ocean Silk technology, a high concentration of the best in class mixture of sea algae and mineral extracts, this overnight hair treatment is capable of fortifying hair and increasing its healthy shine. Formulated with organic ingredients such as Rhodophycea algae that enables in strengthening hair from within, this award winning intensive hair conditioner is equipped to provide an immediate beautiful effect on dry and damaged hair.

Protective Hair Perfume (AED 300)


A multi-tasking hair reviver that not only instantly refreshes your hair with a mist of the signature Sachajuan fine fragrance that we use in our haircare products, but also treats the hair by moisturising, reducing static, imparting shine and adding UV-Protection. This hair perfume not only counteracts free radical damage, but also incorporates the latest in anti-odour technology using an extract from natural citrus oils that encapsulates odour molecules and breaks them down for completely refreshed hair.

SACHAJUAN products are available from Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Basharacare, Plethora Hairlab and Beauty Solutions website. For more information, please visit