Product Review : Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse

I was on the look out for a cheap mousse that I could use on a daily basis. This was when I stumbled upon Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse. I was skeptic at first as I had never heard of the brand I did a bit of research and found out that their conditioners are amazing. I figured there’s no harm its only 169. I found this particular product on Goodlife. I will Link the product down at the end of the article. The mousse claims to have Pro – Vitamins but we all know more than to believe that. With low expectations I decided to order the product. The Mousse bottle it self comes in this sleek white bottle with a transparent cap. The bottle is quite sturdy made up of Aluminum.                                


  1. Cheap as dirt
  2. Attractive packaging
  3. Durable
  4. Great for scrunching hair
  5. The mousse is not runny
  6. Does not make hair oily looking 


  1.  Barely Holds the style
  2. Require a lot to get a decent hold
  3. Smell is not great
  4. Only effective for already curly hair
  5. Not easily available

Final verdict : Buy it only if you have already curly hair and use it with a gel for best results. Not a complete fail of a product but borders on being ineffective. 
Price : 189 rps


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