Decolletage Acne ?!

Did you ever want to flaunt those collar bones ? But couldn’t because of acne. At first I thought why not google it? But then I realized why take the support of google when I could write from my experience. So here is what happened. Since the past 3 to 4 years I have been getting some acne on my decolletage ( chest/ neck ). At first I dint bother about it but then like all things you ignore, it got worse. It was horrible not only the itching but also the marks . Lets just say it did not look like acne and looked like something you wouldn’t want to be showing off ! One day a teacher actually stopped me and demanded me to tell what it was. I soon found out it was hormonal. It would come at that time of the month. Thankfully though now it has been over 5 months since I have been clean of the acne. Here are some of things that I felt really worked for me.

  1. Apply rose water ,either spray or on a cotton ball on the acne to easy itching and redness
  2. Apply chandan and rose water paste to calm the acne at night
  3. Avoid wearing chains or anything that could cause friction

The thing though that has help the best is green tea. I started drinking a cup of green tea every day for the past 7 months or so ( Not religiously though). It never occurred to me until last week I was going to a wedding and I remembered how I had stopped putting concealer on my decolletage area. This is when I realized that the green tea had a connection. Green tea is known for clearing up the toxins in the body. I take peppermint, Moroccan mint and Strawberry flavoured. They are yum ! Now I don’t have to worry about wearing concealer to college I can actually wear necklaces. I have not worn one in years. I just want to put it out there that green tea has not reduced the acne on my face. Not that I have much but still.

Bottom Line : Green tea cured my decolletage acne 


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