Summer edition : The Complete guide to Braids

Summer has arrived which means good bye to open hair and Hello ! to braids. Below I will list out all the braids you can do for school/college or weddings. I will link tutorials to each look in the title of the braid.  Lots of love enjoy!

Rope Braid :A rope braid is done by taking two strands and twisting them to form a braid. It is a delicate braid. The braid works well for straight hair.It can be worn either as two braids or as a french braid also. Side braid with the technique is also very glamorous.

Fishtail Braid/ Khajoori braid: A fishtail braid is also made by 2 strands .This braid is wonderful for all hair types. It looks great on curly hair for a more textured look and straight hair for a sleek look. If you have difficulty with fly aways then you can either wet your hair when you do it or add mousse.

  Snake Braid :  A snake braid is made by the normal three strand braid. When you get to the end of the hair you hold on to one strand and pull it up. This is great for fringes or bangs. 

This is great for college. I love this look personally as a side braid. It is exactly what the name says. You take four strands and make a braid. This one is difficult I would recommend some practise for this one.

I honestly prefer the five strand braid over the 4 strand one. I just feel it looks like the effort you put into it. This one is also very hard. It does need practise but as I said it is worth the effort.

Figure 8 braid:The figure 8 braid was made famous when Taylor swift wore it to an award function. It is very simple. Not much of a college look but good to add something to your skills. Its nice for a date night and it works with curly as well as straight.

French Braid:
It is a technique in which strands are added to the exsisting braid. This technique can be used in addition to the above braids. You can make a Rope french Braid, Fishtail French Braid, French Braid Bangs and Updos.

Dutch Braid: A dutch braid is the opposite of a french braid. This means that while in a french braid we add hair from the above in a dutch you add it from below making the braid have a more embossed effect. In the same fashion you have Dutch Braided bangs and Dutch braid Updos

Water fall braid:This is a cute braid that looks like a waterfall. It is great for people with short hair that want to get the top layers of the hair from falling on their face. It is also good for little girls.

MilkMaid Braid:These braids were sported by Sonam kapoor in the film Ayesha. It is really cute for little girls. You can pull it off too if you have the confidence. It is basically two side braids wrapped around the head. This is a medium length hair style.


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