VIVIANA – French manicure

Viviana French manicure nail polishes to start off are amazing . These nail polishes dry in seconds . Even though I did layer them , I found none of the polishes smeared of smudged . 

Viviana’s nail polishe raw materials are made in France . The first thing I noticed was the consistency . It is runny indeed but I guess this makes the nail polish dry faster . The opacity of the nail polish is good , it needs two thick coats for full colour effect .These colours work amazingly by itself , I choose to do a manicure and absolutely enjoyed it . Scent wise – It smells like regular nail polish . I had a wedding in the family – which means alot of work, yet my  nail manicure didnot chip till 5 days .

COLOURS  – luxe lass , glassy gems and snow white
Pros – 
1.Pigmented colours 
2.Not too thick in consistency 
3.Dry’s super fast – 40 secs
4.Long lasting
1.The texture of Luxe Lass is runny and hard to control 
2.The Brush could me more flatter – for easy application 

First apply a base coat (GLASSY GEMS )on clean, bare nails. Begin applying your first polish(LUXE LASS ) coat starting from your smallest finger, leaving your thumbs for the last application. Apply a second coat to even out the color and eliminate any streaks. Let polish dry for 2 minutes before applying  french tips (SNOW WHITE ).FInish off with GLASSY GEMS . 

Do visit their website for information on their products –VIVIANA INDIA

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