This season’s travel essentials from Lottie 

Brush Set

**Top three must haves for travelling **

If there’s a flight in your future, packing smart and looking good is a high priority. Whether you’re heading through a security checkpoint, relaxing at 30,000 feet or you have just arrived at your destination, having the right beauty and hair products can make every stage of your trip a beautiful experience. Having killer brows, the right brushes to apply make-up and ties to tie away your tresses while you are roaming around under the sun are the most important products for a make-up lover who wants to travel in style.

Lottie picks out their top three must haves for travelling:

Tools on Tour (AED 59) is a compact brush set which comprises a mini brow brush, smudger brush, eyeshadow brush and powder brush. This collection is the perfect beauty companion for the jet setting woman who needs to look put together at all times.

The mini beauty tools, which can easily fit into any beauty bag are also vegan friendly. The brushes pack the same level of pigment pick-up and their bristles are soft. They offer the same even application as their full-size equivalent. Sealed within a cute mini zip up plastic pouch, they can slide into your travel bag easily and stay clean.

Arch Rival Brow Kit (AED 89) Overcome your eyebrow nemesis and create bold and beautiful looks with Lottie London’s Arch Rival Collection- where all your dilemmas are covered. It comes with two natural shades of power, wax to keep stray hairs in check, cute mini tweezers and a double ended brush and this kit will ensure you have everything you need for the ultimate brow makeover.

Tress Ties (AED 36) Finally, a hair tie that’s ponytail friendly! These soft stretchy bands won’t snag hair or leave kinks – with six pretty pop colours to pick from, these look just as good around your wrist as they do on your hair.

Lottie London products are available from Virgin Megastore, The Nail Spa, Burj Al Arab, and Be Bar in the UAE.  In Qatar products are available in Karisma stores and Virgin Megastore, and in Bahrain, from The Beauty Room. In Oman, products can be purchased from Virgin Megastore. You can also make online purchases from Sayidaty Mall,,, and

Visit to discover more and keep up-to-date with their latest news on Facebook (, Instagram (@lottielondonmiddleeast) and on Twitter (@lottielondonme)


Mikyajy Sweet Surprise

Mikyajy Sweet Surprise


Mikyajy has come up with a beauty surprise for all makeup enthusiasts! Unveiling a key piece of its limited edition Sugar Babe collection, Mikyajy’s Sweet Surprise is the latest blockbuster makeup box from the homegrown cosmetics brand which contains some of the season’s hottest hues for any color mood you may crave. A vibrant array of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes along with must-have beauty tools to keep your look on fleek, Sweet Surprise is your perfect bet for a youthful glow this Spring!
Please note that Sweet Surprise will be available for AED 99 at Mikyajy stores across the Middle East from January 31, 2016.

Oriflame Professional Brushes – Review

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

As you all know that I am a brush junkie . I absolutely love trying out new brushes from various companies . Oriflame is a well know company , and has a massive brush range . They have an impressive selection of brushes for every step of your makeup . Oriflame Professional Brushes are made of Goat hair bristles or Nylon,  with a aluminium and wooden handle. Which makes them very light and easy to handle . I did wash the brushes before using it and to my pleasure they all held their shape very well and did not shed at all .


Professional Powder Brush :
A large paddle-shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip. This brush is specially designed to provide flawless application of powder to face or body.
Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review
My Take :
You can use the Professional Powder Brush for setting powder , and applying bronzer . It is perfect for blending blush and bronze . Also very handy for applying products on the body .It has a rounded shape which makes it ideal for blending .It is utterly soft and dense .
Price :Rps 279/- 

Blush Brush:
The perfect blush brush. Goat hair bristles with a wooden handle.
Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review
My Take :
The oriflame blush brush is a medium sized brush perfect for multi-purpose. It is rounded at the ends which again makes if perfect for applying blush and blending.I would recommend it for highlighter and also blending out concealer and foundation .Again very dense and stiff yet feeling soft .
Price :Rps 279/- 

Professional Foundation Brush:
This full tapered brush deposits just the right amount of foundation onto your skin. Perfect for a smooth flawless application. Materials: Nylon, Aluminium, Wood.

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

My Take :
The Oriflame Professional Foundation Brush a flat , dense , soft rounded end brush . Perfect for applying foundation , like a paint brush – back and forth brush strokes to blend it well into the skin. It helps create a light to medium coverage natural finish . Also can use it with any cream products – concealer , highlighter or blend cream products.Also a perfect dupe for the Realtechniques foundation brush for half the price .
Price :Rps 329/- 

Professional Fan Powder Brush:
This fan-shaped natural-hair brush is specially designed to apply a sheer colour wash or brushing away of excess powder. Lightly sweeps setting powder onto the skin for a soft, smooth effect. Materials: Goat Hair, Aluminium, Wood.
Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review
My Take :
The Professional Fan Powder Brush is a thin , flexible fan shaped brush .Great for applying highlighter , creating a gentle contour . As mentioned above sweeping away excess powder . 
Price :Rps 229/- 


Professional Double-ended Eyeshadow Brush:
This versatile double-ended brush is ideal for creating different eyeshadow effects. Use the full, rounded end to swoosh on shadow easily. Use the long-bristled end to soften shade transitions. Materials: Pony Hair, Aluminium, Wood.

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

My Take :
This to me is a precision eye brush in my terms . The Professional Double-ended Eyeshadow Brush is perfect to pack on eyeshadow on your eyes . It is great for cream eyeshadows or gel bases . It is fluffy which makes it easy to blend . The bristles and compact which helps pigment up more product .

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

The second end of the Professional double – ended eyeshadow brush is a sponge tip applicator . It is good to pack on pigment .I use it to apply pigmented eyeshadows . 
Price :Rps 179/- 

Professional Eyebrow Brush:
Keep your eyebrows well groomed with this stiff-bristled brush. Separate lashes with the comb after applying mascara. Materials: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium, Wood.
Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review
My Take :
Nothing much fancy about this brush . It is a eyebrow grooming brush with a comb and a bristled end . Also you can use the Professional Eyebrow Brush for removing clumps in your eyelashes due to mascara .
Price :Rps 149/- 

Professional Blending Brush:
This firm round brush is perfect for controlled eye shadow blending. Materials: Goat hair, Aluminium, Wood. This soft, natural-hair brush blends and softens eye shadow and smooths colour transitions. Also ideal for applying powder to set concealer or foundation around the eye area. Materials: Goat Hair, Aluminium, Wood.

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

My Take !
This is the magic brush that basically blew my mind . If you want to smokey out eyeshadow or blend like a artist the Professional Blending Brush will be your best friend . Honestly you cant have enough blending brushes in my opinion . It is soft and stiff at the root , which makes it precise .
Price :Rps 149/- 

Professional Concealer/Lip Brush:
This firm, flat, slightly tapered brush is specially styled for small-area coverage and precise application. Perfect for defining lip contours or applying concealer. Materials: Nylon, Aluminium, Wood.
Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review
My Take :
This is a concealer and a lip brush , but I liked the foundation brush so much for concealer because of its tapered end . I instead used this for pigments . It is stiff and flat , also made with nylon bristles which makes it so easy for applying strong pigments and chunky glitter .

Oriflame Professional Brushes - Review

 I used the lip brush for the more powdery pigments and also for precision application .I never use a lip brush but this is great for eyes .
Price :Rps 179/- 
Website :HERE
Overall I really like them, and would recommend them especially for beginners and girls who don’t want to spend much .
Rating :4/5
* The product was sent to me for consideration. All openions are mine and Im not compensated by any brand, advertiser, PR representative or affiliate for the same

Jungle Fever Groovy Compact – Mikyajy

Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy
Description : 
Groovy Compacts have designed for the girls on the go ,Jungle Fever a multi-stacked compact filled with a range of shades for the lips, eyes and cheeks. Jungle Fever brings you fresh, earthy tones of coral, lively green and chocolate.
Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy
My Take !
This was the last thing I purchased from Mikyajy on my recent trip to the middle east . I was eyeing this Jungle palette online as it was a perfect gift for my lovely cousins . Groovy Compacts have come out with a new range of Makeup compacts for the girl on the go , in other words Travel friendly . I have owned , used and surely shown some love to my previous groovy palettes before and the pigmentation is amazing and in-beatable especially for their price .The eyeshadow can be used wet or dry and they have out of this world pigmentation.
Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy

 I also wanted to buy something that will be travel friendly for me so I decided to get one for myself . To be honest I couldn’t pass the amazing packaging too .It is so practically designed providing a clear division between powder and cream products , as it annoys me when the powder of the eye shadows ends up on creamy lipsticks .It keeps the products sanitised also when they are separate .
Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy

The Jungle fever palette is created around earthy tones which compliment Indian skin tones and brown eyes . The first compartment houses 7 highly pigmented shimmery shadows . They have a range of bronzey – gold, red tones with a pop of colour which is green .You can create a smokey eye and a neutral look with this palette. It also has a massive mirror .
Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy

The second compartment has 7 creamy Lip colours . The Jungle fever is inspired by the jungle and hence it has a range of chocolaty , red tones with a few corals to compliment every occasion . 
The last compartment in the Jungle Fever Groovy compact has 2 blushes both are matte , one more coral toned and the other more brownish .It also contains one lip brush , dual ended sponge applicator and a blush brush 
Jungle Fever Groovy Compact - Mikyajy

Over all I find this a bargain deal , with quality product and design . It is the perfect travel product for  a beauty lover , also doubles up as a great gift for your fellow beauty lovers and enthusiasts . It also perfect for anyone who is starting out , and wants to try quality products this is the perfect palette to begin .
Rating :4/5
Price :59.00SAR/AED
59.00 SAR/AED
59.00 SAR/AED

Globetrotter by Mikyajy

Globetrotter by Mikyajy

Take your makeup on its own adventure!
This make up compact is created for the girl who can’t stop exploring; Globetrotter is the perfect beauty companion as you absorb the world’s many sights and sounds.
 1 cream concealer & 1 cream highlighter – soft textured for a flawless look.
 1 cream foundation in our most popular shade, to provide a perfect finish.
 1 pressed powder that is perfect for on the go application
 2 blushers with medium coverage for a natural finish.
 4 eyeliner & eyebrow powders – all in one essentials for the eyes & brows, easy to apply and blend
colors that always look natural.
 8 eye shadows in semi matte colors
 2 eyeliner pencils
 1 mascara
 8 poured lipsticks in a velvety smooth, semi matte finish.
 3 brushes

Price : 99/- SAR/AED

Whats In my Travel Bag ?

Festive season also means vacation time for many , travelling time !!  .Its travel time for me also, I’m going to the middle east for few weeks so as I was packing my makeup bag , i thought why not do a post on it . I have also done one last year around this time and things have changed allot since then .

I personally do travel pretty heavy when it comes to makeup , because of two major reasons. Firstly I’m a beauty blogger and I’m constantly trying out new products .Secondly I share my makeup with my sisters and Mother . I generally to be honest this is the best way to use up samples .

The makeup bag I’m using was a gift with purchase from MIKYAJY .This is 100% washable and has several compartments which will help to separate liquids from others .

The bag has three sections , I divide them into skincare , brushes , Makeup . 

It also has a small Mirror which comes very handy at times . It is the prefect size Makeup Bag as it can fit into my carry-on , and this way I know where all my products are . 

The First and the largest compartment houses all my perfumes , Face creams , Scrubs ,Masks , Body lotions , Lip balm and eye creams . As you can see there is a small pocket slip where I place My Bioderma and Other liquids like perfumes . 

Again you can see they are all deluxe samples that I have received from The Natures Co wish Box , and My envy Box .

The second compartment contains all My brushes . Majority of them are from Real techniques , Mikyajy and few Colorbar .

This compartment it the skinny and long which is perfect for brushes .

Last compartment has all my makeup – My MUA palette , Compact pressed powder , lipsticks, glosses , eyeliner pot , pencil liners , concealer and highlighters .This way I know all my makeup is in one place .

 To be honest I don’t need more makeup and this is probably too much but what can I tell Im a makeup lover. This is the smallest compartment when compared to the other but it help me regulate the amount of makeup I carry .

Mikyajy 10 Piece Brush set Review

I have always been a fan of mikyajy brushes. They have an assortment of brush sets containing 10 to 17 brushes . This particular brush set according to me is the impeccable basic brush set for a beginner . It is lovely for day-to-day use . 
The Mikyajy brushes are very long-lasting and sturdy . I have owned mikyajy  brushes in the past and they still look brand new .

The Mikyajy brushes are made of 100% synthetic hair but feels like a natural hair .

 They are Super compressed and soft.They are easy to clean and the shape of the brush does not  change after cleansing .The ferrule of all mikyajy  brushes is made of chrome plated brass which means they won’t rust or expand-contract when compared to metal or wood ferrules .They come with a good faux leather brush belt and platic protecters on also.

This specific brush set has a good  variation of basic eye burshes .The brush kit contains an  assortment of 6 eye brushes , 1 lip ,1 concealer and 2 face brushes .
 The eye brushes comprises off 
  •  Angled brush 
  •  Flat shader brush ,
  •  Eye liner brush ,
  •  Small flat shader brush ,
  •  Pencil brush and 
  •  Angled crease brush .

 With these brushes you can create a simple eye look and a dramatic smokey eye .You have all the tools to create range of eye looks with these brushes .

One of the face brush is more dense and has shorter tightly packed bristles and the other  face brush is more loosely packed – it is meant for setting powder or applying blush . The denser brush picks up more product and is better to buff foundation on your skin. 

The other face brush where the bristles are less compact , could be ideal for applying setting powder or blush and bronzer .

The Lip brush comes with a metal case . and it is the perfect size lip brush . Again made of synthetic bristles which does not get easily stained by lip products .

Price -219 aed/sar
Website – HERE
Rating :4/5 

August and September make-up Favorites

August and September were months full packed with festivities and weddings. Over the past two months I have been using some of my old favourites and some cheeky new purchases
 .I have been collecting them in my makeup bag which I absolutely love BTW.It was a gift of purchase by Rimmel London

 For those who are from India know it is the monsoon season , which means humidity and sweat . Here are some of my most used products and my wedding season must haves.


  • Real techniques Brushes – domed shadow brush , Brow brush , shader brush , , expert face brush , buffing brush ,Duo – fibre face brush , and the multi-purpose brush –Full review HERE
  • Mikyajy Brush – Buffing brush , mini shader brush
  • Vega Eyeliner brush

Real techniques brushes are my all time favourite , I love that they are made to fit into the contours of the face and help blend the foundation seamlessly , making our skin look flawless. The real techniques eye brushes are good for applying pigments and buffing them as the bristles are tightly packed together .Another favourite is the vega eyeliner brush , it is very cheap , well made and does an amazing job at applying eyeliner.


  • Mikyajy Atomiser with Dreams Unlimited perfume by The body shop Full Review HERE

This is my favourite perfume at the moments . It is a good transitional scent from summer to fall . The atomiser is a good way to take your perfume with you without the fear of it spilling or breaking.


  • Bodyography Foundation Primer – Clear
  • Mac Select Cover up Concealer.(Full Review HERE)
  • Rimmel  London Stay matt Long lasting Pressed Powder

Bodyography was the first face primer I ever used . I purchased almost a year ago . I have nothing but amazing words to say about this product . It makes my skin look and feel like a baby’s bum .I do not like applying full coverage foundation especially in the humid weathers , because it is a recipe for cakey looking skin . So I use Mac select cover to conceal any blemishes . Then I finally lock everything in place with the Rimmel London Stay Matt Powder .


  • Viviana Eyeliner Pen (Full Review HERE)
  • Mac Gel eyeliner in Black Track
  • Rimmel London Scandal eyes mascara
  • Mac Eyeshadow in Woodwinked ( Full review HERE)
  • Cover Girl Pigments in number 4 and 37

I absolutely love sporting a strong eye look , especially for weddings . It is one of my strongest feature and I love enhancing it . My staple eye shadow for the weddings is Mac Woodwinked . Pigments are also a good way to get those strong bold eyes , as they are highly pigmented and glossy . I stuck to my staple eyeliners Which are the Mac Black track fluid line and Viviana Eyeliner in Black .



Peachy Pinks and Blue toned pinks are my go to lipsticks. They go very well with my skin tone and are in this season.

How to wash your Make-up brushes – Video tutorial

Cleaning brushes is very key not only for hygiene reasons but also to increase the longevity of your brushes. Brushes are most likely the most important component of a makeup artist. I personally don’t mind splurging on good brushes. Hence I’m even more determined to take good care of it, which will make them last a long time .It is recommended to deep clean your brushes every 3 weeks to the max, and spot clean every day. 
The reason why it is so essential to clean your brushes is because they can store bacteria and also transfer those bacteria to your make-up. Despite whether you are a make- up artist or a makeup lover you do have to clean your brushes. A fresh makeup brush ensures the bristles are disinfected and your products are applied with the greatest colour integrity. They are 100 ways to clean your brushes. I’m showing you the most fastest , easiest and cheapest way to disinfect and clean your brushes .

What you need :

  1. Cup or any plastic container
  2. Johnson’s baby shampoo or any other mild sulphate free shampoo
  3. Water

This is a small video that demonstrates how I clean my realtechniques brushes .

  • STEP 1 :Mix 4 tablespoons of shampoo and mixed it with 1/3 cup of water .(for more than 15 brushes , )
  • STEP 2: Dip your brush in this solution and start rubbing it against your palm in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
  • STEP 3 : Run the brush under water and then continue cleaning the brush . Repeat this process twice .
  • STEP 4 : Lay them flat on a towel to lay while you are washing the other brushes. Do not keep them upright as that will let the water seep into the brush barrel and loosen the glue .
  • STEP 5 : Pat dry the brushes and remove excess water . Then you can lay them to dry on a towel under a fan or someplace cool.

I used the real techniques travel cases and hung my brushes upside down. This will let the water come out faster and easier .My brushes dried in less than 2 hours.

Real Techniques Brush Haul !! – Eyes

I’m so thrilled to review this product because these brushes are created by  one-half of the pixiwoo beauty gurus – Samantha Chapman .These brushes are very affordable and completely against animal cruelty  . I’m A person who is completely against using natural hair and animal testing, hence I really adore these brushes. Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with ground-breaking design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever: Taklon bristles are ultra plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other brushes. Since taklon is synthetic, it’s 100% cruelty-free.
The Real Techniques brushes have a purple aluminum ferrule and an rubber handle, which makes them very light.
EYE Brushes:
 Base shadow brush can be used to apply a flawless colour base on the lid. It makes eye shadow application easy in a snap second, and the results are beautiful each time. This Real techniques brush is not that densely packed which allows us to blend the eye shadow easily  .The main pro of this product that it works equally good with cream and powder products .-Starter Kit
 Deluxe crease brush is a soft oversized brush made for effortless eye contouring .It is the most versatile brush I’ve ever used. It’s good as a standard eye shadow brush to pack on color to the lid. It’s great at applying shadow in the crease. The hair in this Real techniques brush is densely packed close to each other which make it very multipurpose. Starter Kit
Accent brush is a small precision detailer brush , that can be used to blend eyeliner or apply eye shadow or liner on the lower lash line . The brush is designed for precise application with maximum control. Starter Kit
Pixel point eye liner brush is a tapered brush, cut ideally for dense fine line application. This is not a brush which will help you get thin eyeliner, but this Real techniques brush is perfect for all those people who apply thick eyeliner. Starter Kit

Domed shadow brush It works great with any pressed shadow and pigments. I have used this brush the most and it has never shed. The brush fits even in the inner corner of my eyes. Overall a great brush densely packed and with enough to be used for packing color.
Shading brush This Real techniques brush reminds me of a lot of the MAC 239 and it is the cheapest you can get to the MAC 239 considering the price point .The brush heads are roughly the same size and shape.  However, the 239 is tapered, and the Shading brush is not, and the Shading brush is noticeably denser than the 239.  They do, however, serve most of the same purposes.
Fine liner brush, For all those people who thought that the Real techniques pixel liner brush is very thick then this brush is their solution .The brush is soo fine and is perfect for making a thin line. Perfection to the core.
Lash – Brow groomer, The main feature of this groomer is that it has a steel comb on one side, which is amazing o remove any clumps of mascara . The other side has a brush which can be used to groom your lashes.
 Panoramic brush case which is a 2 in 1 brush case and stand Starter Kit
*Some of the brushes mention above (which have annotation beside them as starter kit) can be purchased in the starter kit only and cannot be bought individually. Although some brushes which has been mention above can be bought individually.

The Brushes mentioned above are now widely offered in the UK and boots stores, now they are available online for international buyers click herefor more details.

Do visit Real techniques  –blog ,twitter and facebook and all that good stuff .