Introducing the new Intensive Body Exfoliant infused with activated charcoal from Grown Alchemist


Activated charcoal powder is known to give you a flawless complexion as it helps in drawing out dirt, bacteria and other micro-particles from the surface of the skin. Combined with this skin purifying benefits of activated charcoal, the Grown Alchemist’s new Intensive Body Exfoliant- Inca Inchi, Pumice, Activated Charcoal is formulated to transform the texture of your skin whilst enhancing its appearance with a radiant glow, thereby making it a must-have summer skincare essential.

Perfect for deeply cleansing the skin all over your body, this invigorating and detoxifying organic body scrub also contains volcanic fine pumice granules, which works to gently remove dead cells and make skin feel more soft and supple. Other potent ingredients such as the Inca Inchi helps in initiating the inside-out rotation of skin cells, thereby transforming skin texture and leaving it looking clearer and more evenly toned. This intense body scrub is ideal for use as a body mask and can be left on your skin for 5- 10 minutes, before rinsing off. This helps in increasing the hydration level of your skin and in breaking down cellulite deposits. For best results, follow with an intensely hydrating body moisturiser, such as the Intensive Body Cream from Grown Alschemist.

Suitable for all skin types, this intense body scrub is especially effective for oily or acne-prone skin type.

Grown Alchemist’s Intensive Body Exfoliant (Exfoliant- Inca Inchi, Pumice, Activated Charcoal) is priced at AED 250 products and is available for purchase from Harvey Nichols Dubai, Bloomingdales, and For more information, please visit


Erase dead skin cells with Labo Transdermic Exfoliating Gommage


Taking care of your skin during the summer months requires careful thought as the harsh summer sun can sometimes take its toll on your skin. One way of ensuring that your skin stays healthy and revived throughout is by incorporating a gentle yet effective exfoliator, such as the Labo Transdermic Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage into your skincare regime.

Suitable for all skin types, the soft and creamy formulae of the product helps in deeply cleansing and exfoliating your skin by freeing it from dead cells and dirt, thereby leaving it looking bright and refreshed. By thoroughly cleansing and removing all impurities, the Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage enables in enhancing the absorption of other moisturising products into your skin.  Unlike other exfoliators that tend to irritate and dry up your skin, the Panthenol contained in the Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage has strong humectant properties, which helps in keeping your facial skin soft, smooth, calm and protected.

For best results, after cleansing apply a thin layer of Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage all over the face, except the eye contour area. Wait a few minutes, then massage until forming gummy curls. Remove any residue with lukewarm water.

Labo Transdermic’s Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage is priced at AED 199 is available for purchase from leading pharmacies across the UAE including Bin Sina Pharmacy. For more information, please visit

FarmHouse Fresh introduces natural and gluten free shower range

Farmhouse fresh has introduced their natural and gluten free shower range to turn your shower into an at home spa-like experience. Their body wash, bubble bath and soap can do more than just cleanse your skin, this is because all the products are made from natural, vegan and gluten free ingredients such as Green Tea and Sodium PCA- a skin-identical ingredient with high natural moisturizing factor which can hold its weight several times in water, helping reduce the loss of moisture through evaporation.
The range includes the Whoopie Body wash/Bubble bath and Front Porch Punch Shea Butter Soap which will leave you smelling fresh and feeling rejuvenated all day long.

FarmHouse Fresh_ Front Porch Punch Soap_ AED 59Front Porch Punch Shea Butter Soap- AED 59
Scrumptious Lathering

This creamy, lather-filled Shea butter soap bar is 97% natural and brightly scented with summer’s juiciest pleasures. Front Porch Punch soap includes a mix of peach, melon, strawberry and grapefruit essences. Front Porch Punch soap is sold as a large 5.2 oz. individual bar, wrapped in gingham paper.
FarmHouse Fresh_ Whoopie body wash_ AED 97.50

The Whoopie Body Wash- AED 99
or bubble bath contains aloe and vitamin E

This whipped, creamy body wash is a dream to shower with! It bubbles without sulfates, while moisturizing and leaving behind the delectable fresh-baked whoopie pie scent. Made with Aloe, vitamin E and a blend of extracts that calm sensitive skin including Green Tea, Chamomile, and Arnica Montana Flower. Nourishing Green Tea extract is loaded with polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties for delicate skin tissue.

FarmHouse Fresh products are available for purchase in Westin Habtoor City, Westin Mina Seyahi, De La Mer Spa in Jumeirah and Heart and soul Spa, Al Barari.

The Shower Tower SOAPENIR, contains a skin superfood ingredient to protect your skin during summer

Shower tower**The soap that has superfood powers**

During the hot summer months your skin changes and can suffer from many conditions caused by the weather change. The world’s first SOAPENIR from The Shower Tower Company is made from 100% natural ingredients, including organic Shea butter, which is a skin superfood and will feed your skin with the necessary vitamins to keep it soft and smooth all summer long.

Shea butter is a superfood that comes from the seeds of the Shea tree. In its raw form, Shea butter is high in vitamin A, E and F, all of which have great skin benefits; Vitamin A encourages healthy cell production, Vitamin E blocks free radicals from damaging the skin and supports with anti-aging, whilst Vitamin F works to keep skin young and supple. Shea butter also contains a natural UV protection against sun damage and harmful rays. Applying Shea butter daily to your skin will provide the cells with natural fatty acids that are essential for collagen production. Shea butter also soothes irritated skin, reduces inflammation, and will hydrate severally dehydrated skin.

The Shower Tower SOAPENIR is made from 100% natural Shea butter, making it the perfect product to feed your skin daily in the shower or the tub. So it’s time to butter up and feed your skin with this superfood! This key ingredient is what makes our soap so soapy, offering a rich lather that you can feel coating and protecting your skin. After your shower, your skin will feel so nourished that additional moisturising can be skipped!

The Shower Tower retails for AED 95 and can be ordered online by visiting or at outlets such as Love Shop Pray, O Concept Store and Dubai Loves. The Shower Tower currently has a special Ramadan greeting sleeve, making it the perfect gift for loved ones.


While the sun can give you gorgeously sunkissed highlights, it can also cause serious damage to your hair leaving it faded, dry and lacklustre. Having a couple of multitasking hair-heroes in your beauty bag will ensure your locks stay healthy and hydrated all summer long.

Nail the perfect beachy boho waves with SHOW Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray. Designed to add instant volume and movement, this beach bag essential is formulated with an abundance of botanical extracts including Aloe Vera, Mango, Kiwi and Ginger Lily to give protection from sun damage while providing lasting hold.

If you’re more suited to a cool and collected poolside braid, SHOW Beauty Riche Grooming Balm is all you need. Enriched with safflower seed oil, this flyaway taming wonder balm protects, nourishes, hydrates and firms the hair leaving it smooth and silky while preventing UVA and UVB sun damage.

SHOW Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance is a travel friendly size hair mist combining notes of coconut milk, caramel and almond butter. An essential for any sunsoaked escape enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, when spritzed onto hair throughout the day it provides UVA and UVB protection and slows the fade of colour treated hair.

All the products from the brand are available for purchase from Harvey Nichols Dubai, Bloomingdales Dubai Mall and online at For more information, please visit

New monthly subscription box, Cycle Logicals, launches in the UAE

**Cycle Logicals offers women an alternative way of shopping for feminine care products**

Product-655-EditCycle Logicals, a new monthly subscription box launched in the UAE is the first of its kind as a functional box for women, that also includes monthly treats and surprises for pampering and relaxation.


Once subscribed, the monthly box allows women to select their preferred choice of sanitary products. The box includes monthly treats such as face masks, skincare products and nail polish, as well as books, candles, tea, coffee, aromatherapy oils, sweet treats and healthy snacks. Cycle Logicals, wants to make every month a better month for women with their pampering and wellbeing box.


Subscribers can also expect a variety of vouchers each month in the box, offering discounts or free services from top brands, salons, e-commence stores and much more!


Each month will offer a different variety of treats and products. Subscribers will only discover what is inside that box once the boxes have been delivered for that month, offering an element of excitement and surprise every time your delivery arrives.


You can subscribe to Cycle Logicals by purchasing one month, three months, six months or 12 month packages starting from only AED 100 per box.


To find out more, please visit



KOSMÉ Paris’ Rose Argan Oil Is The Perfect Antidote to Harsh Summer Sun


Harnessing the power of natural and organic ingredients, the KOSMÉ Paris Argan Oil collection associates itself with sensual fragrances for resplendent and subtly scented skin.

Just like taking a walk in a beautifully bloomed garden, succumb to the fresh fragrance of KOSMÉ Paris’ Rose Argan Oil (AED 231). With excellent nourishing, healing and anti-aging properties, the all-natural and organic oil encourages a healthy, touchable glow for all skin types, especially dehydrated and stressed skin. Free from toxins and parabens, the oil promises to fight early signs of aging caused by continued sun exposure, restoring the skins’ natural radiance, leaving you feeling velvety soft and deeply hydrated.

Ensuring that the skin’s inner layers are rapidly penetrated, KOSMÉ Paris’ products are designed to deeply nourish the skin, providing you with all the advantages of the rare ingredients they contain. In addition to its 98% natural formulas, the range stands apart from competitors thanks to its exceptional, yet subtle fragrances which are packaged in chic and sophisticated bottles and jars.

Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your KOSMÉ Paris’ Argan Oil this summer:

  • Skin Toning – Adding 2-4 drops of KOSMÉ Paris’ Rose Argan Oil to your regular skin toner will help provide you with a lust worthy summer glow, and is the perfect way to rehydrate your skin before moisturising.
  • Acne Reduction – As chemical creams can be costly and do more harm than good in the long term, the high linoleic acid content in KOSMÉ Paris’ Argan Oil helps to reduce inflammation caused by acne whilst healing damaged skin cells.
  • Stretch Marks – Helping to improve the elasticity of skin, warming 2-3 drops of KOSMÉ Paris’ Argan Oil in the palm of your hands before gently rubbing in to your stomach, hips and thighs will help to rejuvenate the skin while moisturising, making stress marks less likely to form making you feel more body confident on the beach!
  • Razor Bumps and Burn – Hairless and smooth pins are a summer essential, however, constant depilation can cause uncomfortable unsightly bumps! Soothe and heal skin after shaving by lightly massaging the area with a drop or two of KOSMÉ Paris Rose Argan Oil. This wondrous oil is also known to reduce the number of ingrown hairs too!
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – Sun exposure is known to cause dry and brittle hair, but using KOSMÉ Paris’ Rose Argan Oil as an overnight deep conditioning treatment will provide you with shiny and healthy hair! Massaged into the scalp and twisted through to the ends, the oil will help to penetrate into the hair, ridding you of a pesky dry scalp and dandruff!
  • Aromatherapy Bath Oil – Add a few drops of KOSMÉ Paris’ Rose Argan Oil into your bath water for a decadent and soothing soak.

KOSMÉ Paris is available at luxury spas across the UAE, including The Ritz Carlton Dubai, The Four Seasons DIFC and Imar Spa. Join the KOSMÉ Paris story on Instagram ( and Facebook (

Leading beauty box in the Middle East launches GlamBox For Him, a first of its kind subscription service for men in the region

GB-ForHIM-May'sBox Content** First edition of GlamBox For Him features products from The Man Company **

GlamBox, the leading beauty box in the Middle East, has changed the way women consume beauty via its convenient monthly subscription service, on-trend online shop and engaged community, is now taking on the male grooming market, with GlamBox For Him, a new premium offering, tailored to the needs of today’s men with a quarterly subscription box.

The launch of GlamBox For Him was celebrated in style, with a cocktail reception event held last night at Weslodge Saloon, JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay. The hip Canadian restaurant made its UAE debut a few months ago to rave reviews, and its vintage with a 21st-century twist décor made the perfect setting for guests – business leaders, entrepreneurs, trendsetters, digital influencers and media – to convene.

The male grooming industry, across the GCC is worth approx. $300m (source: Men have now access to products, made specifically for them, therefore they’re wising up to the ways of healthier skincare, whilst social perceptions of male grooming are evolving.

Always tuned to the market needs and trends, GlamBox has created a smart, tailor-made, premium offering, aimed at making the shopping and discovery experience for men as easy, simple and pleasant as it gets. With GlamBox For Him, the first of its kind quarterly online subscription in the Middle East, men get high-quality grooming supplies delivered directly to their homes. All is done in an efficient, dignified and, of course, very manly manner!

“We’re an innovative and disruptive player in the beauty industry. Back in January 2012, the pink glossy GlamBox was making its way to the doorsteps of thousands of women across the UAE, and ever since it’s been a game-changer in the beauty market. Overall, consumers spend more time pointing and clicking to order online, rather than trying on products inside traditional stores, hence subscription boxes such as GlamBox and GlamBox For Him are filling a void, and by all accounts are the new norm of product discovery,” said Matthieu Guinard, CEO, GlamBox. “

“In the last 5 years, we have created incredibly deep connections to our diverse and highly engaged consumers and influencers and we have drawn valuable consumer and data insights about the Middle Eastern beauty market. We also own a direct-to-consumer space that we can leverage for the benefit of the several beauty brands partnering with us, so they can better plan their marketing and sales strategies,” added Matthieu Guinard.

As part of the company’s expansion plans, GlamBox has rebranded and revamped their logo, website and the boxes themselves to introduce both GlamBox for Her and GlamBox for Him, creating a new era for the much loved monthly box.

For its launch limited edition, GlamBox For Him collaborated with The Man Company, a dynamic Indian based beauty business that is looking to expand into the UAE market. On a mission to groom men everywhere, The Man Company entices them with a modern edit of hair, body and face products, that even the most skincare-shy man would be proud to display on his bathroom shelf.

The launch box of GlamBox for Him will include the following products from The Man Company: Almond and Thyme Beard Oil, Charcoal Soap Bar, Lavender and Cedarwood Beard Wax, and Charcoal Lemongrass and Eucalyptus face scrub.

Consumers can subscribe quarterly to GlamBox For Him by purchasing packages of one, two, or four boxes per year from as little as AED 99 per box.  For more details, go to  HYPERLINK “” , discover the latest beauty trends before anyone else and subscribe to our beauty and grooming indulgence.

Introducing KOCOSTAR’s Hair Pack range

Kocostar_ Home Salon Hair Pack_ AED 29_ LOW RES

‘The Korean sheet masks that will transform how you pamper your hair’

One of the aspects of K-beauty that gets undeservedly overlooked is hair care, fortunately KOCOSTAR is filling this void with their Hair Pack range. With three different Hair Packs catering to different needs, KOCOSTAR is transforming everyday hair care routine with this range.

The Hair Pack range consists of the Gogonji Hair Pack, an intense hair treatment designed to protect your ponytail from getting damaged, Home Salon Hair Pack which will help you get that vigorously healthy looking hair back and Long Hair Pack which is an innovative formula made for long hair, restoring luster and texture of the hair.

It is advisable to use the hair packs either daily or weekly in order to achieve smooth and healthy hair.

Here is more information on the nourishing and soothing hair packs from KOCOSTAR:


A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair. Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter forms a protective layer for nutrients and prevents future damages. Simply wrap your ponytail on the go.

“GGONGJI” means “Ponytail” in Korean.


This hair pack works as a conditioner for dull and damaged hair. The professional hair salon technology creates soft & silky locks in 20 minutes


This hair treatment is designed for long hair to give your locks all the nutrients it requires. Depending on the condition of hair, cap may be left on for more than 20 minutes. After shampooing, dry hair slightly and then fasten the cap with sticker. Massage cap to spread infused treatment throughout hair and remove it after 20 minutes and rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

products are currently available for purchase in Woojoh stores, and on For more information about the brand, please visit

Homegrown, all-natural beauty brand, moisturises your skin throughout summer

Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Honey Moisturizinh Body Lotion_120 ml_ AED 99**Herbal Essentials light, but hydrating, daily Body Lotion leaves skin feeling smooth and non-sticky**

Summer is officially here and it’s time to pull out our summer dresses, sandals and prepare our skin for the harsh weather and conditions ahead. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for its overall appearance.


With the humidity and heat being one of the main contributors to dry, irritated skin, as well as the harsh air conditioning, the importance of keeping up a daily moisturising routine in summer is just as important as in the winter months.


Herbal Essentials Body Lotion has a feather-light consistency, making it the perfect lotion to use during the summer months. The lotion won’t leave behind any white residue or sticky feeling yet it will keep your skin hydrated all day long.


The formula is packed with a blend of potent ingredients such as: Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, heal sunburn and treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema. It also contains honey and Shea butter that has the ability to fight pre-mature ageing, soften the skin and protect it against dehydration.  Lastly, the lotion is enriched with vitamin D, E and fatty acids, which rejuvenates and promotes healthier looking skin.


May offers: 

–  Buy 1 SPF product and get 50% off body care at our kiosks in Mercato Shopping Mall ,and Al Barsha Mall.


Herbal Essentials Body Lotion is priced at AED 99 in all leading pharmacies, kiosks in Mercato Shopping Mall/Al Barsha Mall and You can also order online at for worldwide shipping.